Hi there. This is a trial site of content and document management systems on a server in Bondi, Australia.

The server is runnning  Apache (2.4) as the main server as well as IIS 7 and Tomcat on separate ports.

This site is driven by WordPress, an open source blogging and content management system using php and the mysql database. WordPress is a very widely used open source online publishing platform, it can be customised with extensions and plugins and thousands of developers are contributing modules and plugins to extend its functionality.

Other CMSs running on this server are Joomla, DotNetNukeDrupalConcrete5Habari, Typo3, Get SimpleMagento and Contenido.

On the right are my most recent Twitter comments, they are collected and analysed using the ThinkUp app, also installed on this server.

There is also an open source digital asset management system (DAM) called Razuna installed here and the community edition of Enterprise Content Management system Al Fresco here.

Open Cloud is a document management system that runs and stores on the local server and behaves similar to Dropbox.

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