The List Of Must Try IOS Apps

Below my favourite IPad/IPhone apps. This list is dynamic, please name your favourites in the comments and I’ll add them to the list. Managing Documents The IPad does not have a filing system like a PC and exchanging and managing files needs getting used to. These applications make it easier: Instapaper This indispensible app allows […]

iPad 2

I have finally got an iPad 2, here’s a quick review. It took me a while to decide whether I wanted to upgrade, I quite liked the original iPad and was not really sure that I could justify the expense. But then klaus came with his new toy and showed me, that with the new […]

The IPhone as a wireless access point

With IOS version 4.3 Apple added the Personal Hotspot feature to the IPhone. This functionality is not new, it had been available before to jailbroken IPhones and it has been a function on Android phones for a while. A similar function was tethering, which you could use to connect your IPhone to your PC or other device to the internet […]

Filmink – an IPad Magazine done right

  Filmink has launched its new IPad magazine and it shows the possibilities of publishing to tablets. Filmink have realised the magazine using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for Creative Suite, familiar from other tablet magazines such as Wired and already used for over 100 tablet publications. Articles and ads are arranged  in a horizontal sequence, multipage articles are read by […]